4 Tips for Efficient Accounting Practice

Recently picked up a new client, one who was concerned that their current accountant was not looking after his business fairly.  To check out the records, I visited the client, and, for the duration of my stay, I booked one of the Miami Beach Suites at this marvelous hotel.

What I found when I went through their records was shocking. The accountant was to blame only for not pointing out what they were doing wrong and not making suggestions on better practices.  The clients themselves have to take a big portion of the blame for the way they keep their records.  I thought I would share with all of you four ways that efficient accounting practices can help a business no end – in case you ever come across such a badly run business!

This area can be improved no end with online invoicing. Vendors can email their receipts in which then get integrated into the system automatically. That puts an end to waiting for invoices and playing a guessing game.

  • Cash Cycle

If a company uses an integrated accounting system, they no longer have to worry about invoices being generated and then lost. Integration is a huge help when it comes to cash forecasting, accounts are more visible and customer billing information is held where it should be. That makes it easier to work out who is overdue for payment.

  • Close and Reconciliation

Closing and reconciliation processes become much easier with an automated system. The entire process can be shortened and mistakes all but eliminated. SaaS – Software as a Service – can also carry out cash reconciliations using downloaded bank statements. This cuts the paperwork and the time spent by employees on manually reconciling accounts.

More and more companies are using automated data analysis using automated tools. This kind of system cuts down on errors and speeds up the process no end and human errors are cut out.

Companies need to evolve with the latest in technology and software, designed to help them make life easier. But, accountants also need to recognize when a business needs to adopt one or more integrated solutions and not just leave them to make a deeper mess of things.

Impact of Online Presence Over Business Profitability

Coming from a background where everything is calculated and analyzed on the basis of digits, the framework within which businesses today emerge as successful and profitable have changed drastically. A few decades ago, having a unique service or product that is targeted and launched with smart marketing tactics was considered to be sufficient for generating decent profits for a business. Let's discuss how things have changed ever since businesses have gone online and a whole new array of marketing, finance, human resource management and operations has been structured through the digital world. 

Change in Investment Goals
Businesses previously were cautious about the budgets allocated for marketing. The only medium to reach out to the target audiences and build sales was through television, radio, newspapers and magazines. All of these were extremely expensive mode of advertisements and promotion. Today, with the advent of global markets and businesses being present online, the same investment budgets are redirected to the quality of product and service. Marketing and promotion costs have reduced considerably, leaving room for setting new investment goals and providing customers with more innovative products and services. 

Unlimited Outreach
One of the best things that an online presence does to a business is, expand and leave no limits to its outreach possibilities. Getting smart professionals on the board and working around with fresh ideas guarantees viral ideas that can go big and reach millions of people. Today the concept of going global and targeting almost anyone and everyone has become much easier and practical than in the previous years. An example of how  businesses can create limitless outreach with a huge profitability margin can be seen with how SEO companies cleverly designs custom online marketing strategies and win over its clients. Check out one of the famous SEO companies, Sacramento SEO Company here for more details. 

Diverse Group of Employees
Cost reduction can be created through flexible hiring policies. There are many services that are more expensive to hire in home towns when compared to other parts of the world. Apart from that, the level of creativity of work performance is also better in some regions. Businesses take advantage of this fact and hire diverse group of employees from different countries and continents, which lead to better financial and qualitative work outputs. 

Tips in Buying High Quality Used Forklifts

Forklifts may be used for different purposes. They are extremely helpful for construction and renovation. When you make use of forklifts, things will be done a lot faster. They will also reduce human labor. Thus, if you can buy one to be used for many purposes, then it will help a lot. The only problem is that forklifts are very expensive. In order to reduce your expenses, you might want to check out used forklifts.

These forklifts have been used for some time by the previous owner. However, they are still in good condition and may be reused provided that the damaged parts have been repaired. If you plan to buy used forklifts, here are some tips to reduce your expenses:

1. Find out what type of forklift is needed. There are different types and sizes for forklift. You
need to know the specific model that you need. You might buy a big one, but you only need something small. It could also be the other way around. Thus, you need to evaluate your need ahead of time to avoid wasting money.

2. Contact different companies that offer used forklifts. Ask them about the prices of the forklift. By then, you can easily compare them and eventually limit the choices. You may also ask if they have other promotions or discounts so you may avail of them as well.

3. If you have trimmed down the options, visit the actual store and request for a demonstration trial. It will be easier for you to determine if there is a problem with the forklift if someone does the test drive. If you find no problem with the equipment at all, then nothing should stop you from buying it. It is important to check the forklift for any problem right from the start to avoid spending a lot for maintenance and repair. You don’t want to spend less for purchase, and pay a lot later on for repair.

When it comes to the best forklifts for sale, you can go here. Hopefully, you will land with the best deal.

Tips in Reducing Cost for Water Heater Installation

Hot water for bathing and drinking is essential. This is why homes should have water heaters. This will make hot and clean water more accessible. Those who wish to avoid the biting cold during winter can just soak themselves in hot water and their problem is solved. The only reason why still a lot of homes don’t have water heaters is because of the price for water heater installation. Therefore, if you really want to install water heater, here are some tips to avoid spending a lot:

1. Look for a company that provides a package deal for water heater. This means that they will offer you the actual water heater and the fee already includes the installation. Buying the water heater from one store and asking another company to install it will just double your expenses. If you can find a deal like this, then make the most out of it. You can even ask some companies to offer the installation almost free of charge.

2. Wait for off season to install the water heater. Usually, people go for water heater installation during winter as part of their last minute preparations. This is why the cost may skyrocket. Be wise and have it installed during summer. At this time, no one would think about water heaters due to the hot weather. However, since you will be using the water heaters anyway, there is nothing wrong with installing it earlier.

3. Look for a company that offers discount rates on their services if you ask them for both installation and maintenance. There are companies that can give you this package deal. This is also great since when you will encounter problems with the water heater later on, you know whom you can trust. Besides, if they won’t be able to fix the problem, they can just ask you not to pay for additional service fees.

With these tips, you now have no excuse for still not installing the water heater. If you want to know more about Water Heater HQ, go here. For more ideas on water heater repair, you can go ahead and check this out.

Things to Remember When Searching for Banks for Small Businesses

Finding the right bank is extremely important if you wish to have a stable partner for your business. Banks offer tons of financial services that you will surely need to keep your business afloat. Thus, right from the start, you need to make sure that you partner with the right bank so that all your financial transactions are safe. In doing so, here are some tips that you might want to take into consideration:

• Make sure that the bank has an affordable interest rate for small business owners who wish to borrow money. At some point, you might have to borrow money from the bank. Therefore, it is important to find a bank that can help you with an affordable interest rate. They must also have a repayment scheme that will make it easier for you to pay off your loans in no time. They must also have different types of loans that will cater to different needs.

• See to it that the bank is insured and is big enough that they won’t place your money at risk. Don’t go for smaller community or local banks that could go bankrupt any time. Your money will be at risk with these banks. Just find a partner that will give you peace of mind every time you sleep at night.

• Find a bank that has extensive ATM networks. Wherever you may be, you must be able to have access to your money. For instance, you are traveling to another state to meet a client, you must be able to withdraw or deposit money right away. If it is recognized internationally, it would be a lot better.

• The bank should provide good customer service. Aside from stability and good track records in providing help to small business owners, the bank must be able to extend reliable customer service. This is very important since you want to process all your transaction smoothly.

Once you have found the right partner, go ahead and seal the deal. To help you out in your decision making, you might want to refer to the infographic below for more important things to consider.

Small Business Infograph 2013-2014 , California Bank and Trust
Presented by California Bank & Trust, Business Banking

Price Comparisons - An Accountant’s Point of View

So, how does an accountant perform a price comparison? Does he or she use one specific method over another?  Are there any tricks or techniques to it?  For many accountants – and customers – the trick to a price comparison is simply knowing the prices and how to compare them to work out which way is the cheapest. Other accountants take a more advanced route and look at other factors before they make a decision. This way they can work out the most cost efficient way, rather than just going for the cheapest price.

Is this The Job of an Accountant?

Most accountants tend to stick with doing calculations and reconciling accounts, keeping records and tax paperwork rather than getting involved in doing price comparisons.  They don’t tend to have much, if any, involvement in purchase decision, how and when a company acquires equipment, or rental decisions.  However, some do so it is worth taking a look at whether an accountant’s view on the matter can be of any help.

When you get an accountant involved in your business, they expect far more details. They want more numbers to crunch so that they can work out the perfect price comparison for your benefit.  Let’s say you are considering renting a forklift.  There is quite a bit that needs to be taken not consideration, including features and rental prices before you can make a decision. Using a site like this to check forklift rental prices is a good place to start.

The accountant wants to look at all the factors involved including working out which ones suit your budget. Most accountants are educated enough to know that forklifts don’t necessary have a great deal of difference in features or quality especially used ones.  Reliability shouldn’t be an issue because if there are any defects, it’s easy to get a replacement forklift or your money back.

The most important part is the price but there are also a few other things to consider as well:

Lift Height and Load Size – The forklift must be fully capable of doing the job you are hiring it for. Can it extend tall enough and can it carry enough load?

TerrainIs it suitable for the terrain it will be working on?  If you rent one that is only fit for paved areas and then use it on a more difficult terrain, it will give you problems and won’t be suitable.

Fuel Efficient – This may not be the easiest to figure out so it should only be used as a deciding factor. Obviously, the more fuel-efficient it is, the lower the overall costs.

Driver’s Preference – If you already have your driver decided on it may be better to let them decide. He will know which ones are best in terms of load and lift, efficiency and ease of use.  This is more common sense than an accountant’s advice

Rent or Buy – If you are likely to need a forklift for several different jobs or are renting long term, it may be more cost effective to compare prices of used forklifts for sale before making your decision.

You don’t need to be an accountant to work out price comparisons. Most of it common sense and you don’t need to be fully au fait with accounting standards to make your mind up. 

Getting a Leg Up on Taxes

People are always trying to get ahead in any way they can. For some people, women and men, they turn to plastic surgery. I would agree that plastic surgery can help raise self-confidence and self-esteem. However, not every procedure is worth it. Doctors have rules, and for some kinds of plastic surgery, there are also psychological questions to have a better understanding of the individual. Sometimes, a procedure is not needed. However, for a vast majority, a date with the plastic surgeon is required.

From a business viewpoint, the problem is that not all plastic surgery is covered by health insurance. The reason is simple: it is elective and there is no need for a person to have it. As far as the rules of health insurance is concerned, plastic surgery is not needed for a person’s health. However, there are instances when the cost of the plastic surgery can be defrayed as a tax-deduction.

This is not a tax deduction scheme, neither does the scenario always play out as planned. However, the logic is fairly simple. To start off, if an asset is important in a person’s job, he can have it insured. This is like a model or a movie star insuring her legs. If something happens to her legs, she would lose her money earning capability. Or, at least, if she does not lose it, it would be severely limited. The scenario goes as follows, if the movie star were to have an injury which would damage her legs, the insurance would cover the damage. However, if she does not have any insurance coverage, she would have to shell out money from her own pocket. Since this is now related to her income earning potential, she can, in theory, deduct the expenses for the skin reconstruction, or any other plastic surgery required.

This is not skirting the issue of tax deductibility of plastic surgery. It is a mind-experiment. The next step is a stretch but realizable. It only requires a reputable movie star, a reputable lawyer and a credible accountant. A good plastic surgeon in Fairfield or anywhere else would also be needed. The idea is that since beauty is an asset within the movie industry, it should be possible to deduct expenses which are related to keep a person beautiful.

Has it been done before? I have no idea if plastic surgery has been deducted as an expense. However, even without the deduction, a breast augmentation in Santa Monica would be a big boost in any movie star’s career, as well as help her self-confidence.

There are some days when the idea of deducting anything and everything just does not work. In the real world, one way to have a less taxable income is to earn more by putting up more businesses. This is not like putting up a laundry in every corner, and skimming the coins. The idea is to put up more businesses, and to have a higher net income, which would go to a holding company. In this way, the money would be accounted for all the way from the source to the bank, and towards the holding company. The revenue service frowns on schemes for more deductions and less taxable income.

Accountants Promoting Services on Social Media

Accountants are, by principle, barred from promoting their services in the same way typical products and services are being marketed. They can’t plug advertisements on TV or radio although there could be some gray area when it comes to online advertising. Accountants can find creative ways to promote their services on the web, through social media in particular, without going against ethical standards.

One of the most important ways to promote accounting services online is to use professional networking sites. LinkedIn easily comes to mind when discussing this. It’s important for accountants to maintain a credible online presence that establishes an identity of professional competence and reliability. Having a LinkedIn account alone already connects accountants to a vast market of potential partners and customers.

The standard social media is also a good way to establish an online presence. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are also great ways to introduce an accountant’s services or business. These social media sites may not have the noteworthy professional reputation associated with LinkedIn but they are better when it comes to reaching more people. Obviously, Facebook and Twitter have more users compared to LinkedIn and other professional networking sites. They can help spread information about the services being offered directly or indirectly. Facebook friends or Twitter followers may not be potential clients themselves but they could have connections with those who could be potential clients. They can provide the sought after referral.

Most accounting firms now have their websites where they present all the information about the services they offer. However, it’s very difficult to bring these websites to the top of the list of search engine results. Here’s where social media comes in. Social media has the potential to reach more people online, particularly those who actually matter. Social media narrows down the target audience while enhancing the traffic and web credibility of a website.

For accountants or accounting firms that may not be that well-versed with social media marketing yet, there’s always the option to seek the assistance of a social media agency for an appropriate social media marketing campaign. Many online marketing companies now are already acquainted with the different approaches needed in coming up with a successful promotion campaign that is still compatible with the ethical standards set for accountants.

Making Expenses Tax Deductible

Accounting may not be as glamorous now compared to pre-computer years, but it still has its moments. For self-employed accountants, they know that most anything could be put in the books, as long as the government regulations will allow.

For instance, cigars. Even the most expensive cigars can be tax-deductible. It’s only a matter of spending a little more and putting a ring with your name on it. In that way, it now becomes and advertising expense. This logic can be carried on with other such materials, including office supplies, school supplies, and so on. For large expensive items, these could be put in the books as expense accounts. For instance, a computer does not have to be an office equipment which would be depreciated over three or five years. Put it up as part of a project cost, as a one-time expense account. Because it is a project cost, you would have to have separate books for the project. In addition, the project would have it’s own revenue. The computer is already deducted as a one-time cost, and no need to depreciate over it’s lifespan.

This is not a matter of fixing the books. This is a matter of following accepted accounting practice. The only other rule is to treat the same items the same way, even for different years. If you are to change your accounting practice, just make sure that you don’t do that every year.
One other way to save, and turn it around as a benefit, is the use of tax saver private health insurance. This is just signing up for health insurance and adding it into the books as a company expense. This can be a perk or benefit, but what it does is it increases your expenses and lowers your taxable revenue.

There is no need to be creative about accounting. The rules are there to be followed. It would be a matter of interpretation, and how you interpret the rules. Bottom line is that your employees would benefit, and your company would have a better bottom line.

What You Need to Know about Varicose Vein Treatment Cost

When you start to see varicose veins forming on your lower leg, you might just want to scrape them all out. If the problem worsens, then it becomes more difficult to remove. The good thing is that there are a lot of options available if you want to treat the problem. This article will discuss some of the possible solutions to treat this problem and the estimated overall cost.

1. Vein stripping. This procedure is only applicable for extreme situations. During this procedure, small cuts are made on the area where the actual veins are to be removed. You will be induced to sleep throughout the procedure so you won’t feel the pain at all. This is one of the most expensive options for varicose vein treatment. It ranges from $1,500-$,3000 depending on the gravity of the problem. It takes 1 to 4 weeks for you to recover after the surgery.

2. Laser surgery. This is one of the most popular options available today. Light energy from the laser is applied directly into the varicose veins. This will help lighten the affected areas until the veins start to fade away. In this treatment, no cutting or injection is required. However, this can only be used for simpler cases. The cost is from $600-$3,000 depending on the scope of the affected area.

3. Sclerotherapy. This is one of the newest technologies used in varicose vein treatment. With this procedure, chemicals are injected into the affected area until the veins start to clear out. The blocked veins will now start to move normally. The entire process would take a few sessions before completion. For sclerotherapy, the amount ranges from $100-$200 per session. The frequency depends on the problem. The best part about this process is that there is no recovery period required. It is as if you have just gone for an injection and you’re done. You can check out the best sclerotherapy clinic here if you want to know more about it.

Free Treatment

The treatments presented are for those who suffer from grave varicose vein issues. However, you can find a way to avoid going for this treatment. The first option is for you to change your lifestyle at the slightest sight of the problem. When you start feeling leg pain, cramping, muscle pain, and veins start to appear, then you have to find a way to deal with the problem.

If your job requires you to stand for a long time, then try to move from one place to another every 20 minutes. You may also sit for a minute before standing again. You may also apply lotions and creams on the surface of the skin, although this won’t necessarily treat the problem. You also have to avoid wearing high heeled shoes. There is really no such thing as a free treatment, but you can find a way to prevent the problem from getting worse.

If you are interested to find out the best sclerotherapy in Los Angeles, you can visit here and check out other information about varicose vein treatment.

2014: A Year of Growth in the Business Industry

It’s no secret that even though business is getting better, everyone’s still feeling the effects of the recent economic crash. Across the USA and parts of the EU, people are still struggling through trying times and a lack of jobs. But it’s not all bad; there has been growth in various sectors of the business industry. While they aren’t traditionally considered big business; their rise is something to look out for in the future. So, before you start freaking out about the end of the economic world, look at these different sectors that show the most promise.

Home and Family Care

Over the next few years, a large amount of the senior population will inevitably retire. Health care for the aged has been seen as the next best place to find a job. This is convenient for pre-med nurses and other care giving professionals, as job security will be better. Psychiatrists and social workers will also see that same security bloom in their field. There’s a grim truth behind this growth; more kids are being adopted and sent into foster care and the need for rehab staff will boom in a few years.

Support Services

Since there are more foreign nationals coming into the country, certain support service jobs will also see the same growth as home and family care. You will definitely see things like translation services in San Diego among other and similar interpretation jobs see slow growth. After all, the need to understand each other is integral when it comes to business.

Construction Services

While construction hasn’t been at its height for a while, everything involving construction, like wood product manufacturing and cement production, are growing. You see, construction as a whole has seen a steady resurgence in need. However, this sector is also the slowest to grow; only showing off a 3.9% increase in annual job growth.

Jobs are still a little scarce around these parts, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything on the horizon. While these entries seem like menial labor, it would be a bad idea not to keep an eye. If not, you can always look to the overseas market; they’re experiencing a massive boom as of late.

Keeping Costs Low When Renovating Bathrooms

For business establishments and houses, keeping bathrooms clean and looking great is of utmost importance. It’s one of the first things that people look at or inspect whenever they come over, and being caught with chipped and faded tiles is quite embarrassing. However, everyone knows that tiles can be very expensive, especially if you’re looking at imported clay ones from Europe. These are colorful baked tiles which hold vibrant colors and patterns are often used as décor inside the home or bathroom wall.

From a business owner or an accountant’s point of view, replacing bathroom tiles is expensive because of the high labor costs involved. The truth of the matter is that the labor for installing the tiles cost twice or three times as much as the tiles themselves. You can save a lot of money if you can replace the bathroom tiles by yourself (or with your spouse or best buddy) on a weekend when the shop is closed. You can do this in phases: removing the old tiles, preparing the walls and floors, and lastly installing the new tiles and finishing.

There will also be some cost involved for the tools that you will use during the project. However, if you already have tools in your shed, this will mean even more savings. You will basically just be spending for cement, tiles and grout and your bathroom tiles will be good as new.

First off, you can pick out inexpensive yet high quality tiles from ABL Tile Centre. They also have other bathroom fixtures and décor in case you have a bit of extra cash and want to add a bit more flair to your current bathroom setting. You can add inexpensive shelves or racks which you can also install on your own with just a screwdriver or some posts.

After removing the tiles you will need to clean up the walls and floors to make way for the new ones. This means eliminating pieces of cement and glue from the old ones. To apply the new tiles you will need to apply special cement at the back and glue them onto the walls and floors. It may take a few hours for these to dry out. The final step will be applying the grout to seal in the tiles.