Accountants Promoting Services on Social Media

Accountants are, by principle, barred from promoting their services in the same way typical products and services are being marketed. They can’t plug advertisements on TV or radio although there could be some gray area when it comes to online advertising. Accountants can find creative ways to promote their services on the web, through social media in particular, without going against ethical standards.

One of the most important ways to promote accounting services online is to use professional networking sites. LinkedIn easily comes to mind when discussing this. It’s important for accountants to maintain a credible online presence that establishes an identity of professional competence and reliability. Having a LinkedIn account alone already connects accountants to a vast market of potential partners and customers.

The standard social media is also a good way to establish an online presence. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are also great ways to introduce an accountant’s services or business. These social media sites may not have the noteworthy professional reputation associated with LinkedIn but they are better when it comes to reaching more people. Obviously, Facebook and Twitter have more users compared to LinkedIn and other professional networking sites. They can help spread information about the services being offered directly or indirectly. Facebook friends or Twitter followers may not be potential clients themselves but they could have connections with those who could be potential clients. They can provide the sought after referral.

Most accounting firms now have their websites where they present all the information about the services they offer. However, it’s very difficult to bring these websites to the top of the list of search engine results. Here’s where social media comes in. Social media has the potential to reach more people online, particularly those who actually matter. Social media narrows down the target audience while enhancing the traffic and web credibility of a website.

For accountants or accounting firms that may not be that well-versed with social media marketing yet, there’s always the option to seek the assistance of a social media agency for an appropriate social media marketing campaign. Many online marketing companies now are already acquainted with the different approaches needed in coming up with a successful promotion campaign that is still compatible with the ethical standards set for accountants.