Getting You Company Mobile: A Guide to Office Trailers

office trailersThere’s many reasons why you and your company might need an office trailer. Although they’re most commonly associated with construction sites, and they are perfect for on-site use, a good office trailer can be a real life-saver in a variety of different situations. Temporary medical services and offices and schools undergoing refurbishment are two prime examples of when a good prefab structure can come in handy. Most people rent, but they can also form a cost-effective storage solution for businesses with little on-site office space. This short article offers a brief overview of the different types of trailers that are available to buy and explores some of the benefits of renting a portable trailer. Once you’ve decided on which option you want, we recommend using, who’ve got some great deals on office trailers right across the board.

Still not made your mind up? Here are some of the advantages of using an office trailer over on-site construction. The first and most important point is that they offer a much better return on investment. If you are using your trailer on a construction site, building time can be reduced significantly and renting will reduce the overall cost of the project. Another major benefit for many business-owners is that the prefab buildings can easily be transported to remote locations for temporary use. They also form one of the most environmentally-sound short-term office solutions available, being made (usually) from exclusively reusable and recycled materials.

The sizes of almost all trailers are measured in feet. On the smaller end of the spectrum, a trailer will measure around eight by twenty feet (around 160 sq. feet of floor space) and house around two to three people or one large single office. Even the smallest trailers will be fully fitted with air conditioning and electric heating. The trailers go up in size increments from this point. At a slight increase in size you can get a trailer fitted with two separate offices and a restroom. Office space increases as you go up in price. At the far end of the spectrum you can get trailers in excess of thirty by fifty feet. These can house more than ten people. All trailers will have windows, secure doors and can be fitted with interior wiring for communication. You can also rent or buy a storage trailer, which is a basic trailer without any office fittings.

If you have a bit more money to spare you can always buy a luxury model. For some of the higher-end office trailers check out Los Angeles office trailers. There’s been reports of certain prefab trailers made to include hot tubs, wide screen televisions and even a bar. Whilst you might not want to be this excessive, if you are going to be using your trailer for an extended period of time it can’t hurt to investigate the more expensive side of the market. Spacious and well-designed trailers that include all the amenities you need will be much better suited for longer-term use and less prone to issues down the line.

Scams: Binary Options Traders Beware

istock_000024088287mediumTraders, who trade in the binary options, should be aware that there are a lot of scams out there. A lot of people have already lost a big amount of money because they easily trust people and do not do prior research before hiring. What can you do as a trader to avoid these scams?

Let me count the scams…

There are a few scams out there that you, as a binary options trader, should know so that you can avoid them happening to you.

  • Unpaid traders – the most common scam you can find online is when brokers happen to have not paid the correct amount, if all, of the traders profit. It could be money management on behalf of the broker or it is really a planned deal to take away the profit. What you can do to prevent this happening to your binary options profit is to read social media or make a quick background search on the name of the broker. You can definitely find something in search engines or social media if he did not pay his recent traders. Facebook can reach millions of people in a minute – if he has history, you would be able to know.
  • Withdrawal problems ­– you have been scammed if you find yourself not being able to withdraw your profits on time. Some brokers do have a verification process to make sure they provide money to the correct person, but this too, can be stalled with reasons such as “I never received the verification” or “The verification was incorrect” or other fictional stuff that can only smell of dirty scam.
  • Asset Value Scam – this one is harder to find, especially if you are new to the binary options trade. The broker might come up with a story that the trade ended and provide you with data that looks absolutely true and legal. But then, on a double check, a trusted source of data would show that the trade ended with a different asset value. Novices will not be able to tell what hit them when they find out.
  • Time Frame: Wrong – new traders of binary options could be tricked of having to deposit funds or assets in their account within a 24 hour time frame or else the deal will not be closed. This is not so. Some deals have specific time frames that can be within the day, a week, or a month. Traders have to make sure they recertify the time frame, or else they might just lose a couple of dollars just because they did not double check.
  • Goodbye, Broker – probably in worst-case scenarios of a scam is the complete disappearance of your broker, along with your profits and deposits. In this case, you can either try to locate the broker or you have to accept you have been made a laughing stock by one broker hiding somewhere.

During the peak of business, it is necessary that you get your cool together and think straight. In a world of social media and easy background checks, you can avoid scam totally had you taken precautions and listened to other traders.

To avoid being scammed, you should start trading binary option with Banc De Binary - the world’s first regulated broker. Most traders and brokers recommend this site. There are countless independent reviews of the company on the internet that are also well worth reading to help you come to a smart investment decision.

Accounting Practice Sales

accountingTips on Selling your Accounting Practice

Looking for a career change? Wanting something new in your life? Are you looking to sell your accounting practice? If so, there are a few things you need to know before you start the process to ensure the greatest success of your sale.

Things to Know

There are a few common misconceptions that people believe when selling their firm—quite frankly they aren’t true. Here are some of the more popular ones that you should think of when selling your accounting practice.

The best buyer isn’t always another accounting firm. This is a common belief that many accounting practice sellers have. The future of the accounting firm can be helped by many other buyers. As an example, an existing firm may not have the time or resources to manage the additional firm. Those selling a firm are typically leaving the accounting business, so they aren’t taking their clients with them. A typical firm usually doesn’t have someone to allot to take over the new business acquisitions.

Selling price determines the value of the practice. This is very far from wrong. Selling an accounting practice is very similar to selling a house—the markets can vary from location to location, and just because it sells for one price, does not mean that is its value. Keep in mind a variety of variables when selling your practice such as clientele, staffing, assets, and other aspects of your business. Be sure to not sell your practice too cheaply however—looking for sales assistance is often a good choice for selling your practice. Also, don’t waste your time with buyers who aren’t even qualified for buying your practice—look for serious buyers with serious intentions.

Buying an accounting practice is a very specific sales market, so often times there won’t be many potential buyers. Be sure to start carefully planning your business transition after retiring well before the day of retirement. Most accounting firms take 5 to 10 years to research buyers and come to an agreement on the sale of the practice. The earlier you start, the higher likelihood of a successful sale.

Accounting practice sales are different from other business sales, and is a very specific market. Often, in a city of millions, there may be only a hundred or so potential buyers. In other places there is a considerably fewer number of potentials, so it is important to start early and thoroughly go through the process of the sale.

Owner transitions are often difficult, and early planning and contact can help with that difficult transition. Smooth communication and contact can help with the sale, making the process as stress-free as possible.

What this means
Remember, previously established accounting firms may not be the best buyers for your accounting practice. They may not have the available resources to properly run and manage your firm, which will quickly terminate your practice that you worked so hard to build up. Research is key—thorough research is the best way to find the perfect buyer for your practice.

Silver Quarters: Easiest Way To Get into Silver?

Currency relative to other currencies around the world always fluctuates. Once upon a time, our currency was directly based on the physical gold reserve held by the county; however, years ago, Nixon abolished that system to take our country’s economy to the “next level.” Some people believe it was a good move, but others (many others) believe otherwise. Since that day, inflation has increased tremendously along with the prices of precious metals such as silver and gold. The reason is because no matter how much you can exchange one currency for another, you will always be able to get the most from silver and gold, because the elemental properties that make it valuable never change. If the world and our economy would end as we know it, the first things to be recognized as value will be precious metals and minerals such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, etc.

For this reason, many people have sought after investing their cash into silver instead of keeping a digital record in the bank. It is a good investment, because as inflation will forever increase, so will the value of gold and silver. Historically, silver has always increased in value, with huge jumps in value when the population thought that “the world was ending.” Looking at the chart below, you can see that silver had two huge jumps in it’s history since the US left the gold standard: one was when we left the gold standard and swarms of people bought silver as they thought the system would not work at all the US would default. The second time was just recently after the housing bubble collapsed and we experienced the worst depression since the great depression. However, looking over time the value of silver has consistently increased and we expect to continue to increase.


If you agree that silver and precious metal is a safe investment if (when) the economy crashes again, then you should invest at least 25% of your investment portfolio in either silver or gold. Here, we like silver as it does not fluctuate as much as gold. Also, when we say invest in precious metals, we do not mean ETFs or any other kind of metal related stock; we are talking physical metal. The reason is because if you’re going to invest in something safe to avoid the riskiness of stocks, why would you just buy “digital silver,” right? That’s right. Buy some silver, store it in a treasure chest, bury it under ground and mark the spot with an X preferably on a physical map and not your iPhone (just because it’s way cooler).

So how do you go about buying physical silver? There are many retailers out there that sell physical metals that are certified and you can trust their concentration of the metal. Additionally, you can also buy old silver US quarters (pre 1965) that have a 90% silver content. You can learn more about buying silver quarters here and see if going that route will work for you, too. We like this method because it is easy to store and it’s kind of fun collection silver quarters in your spare time. What do you think?