Counting Money and Making Money

One of the main reasons I switched from being a math major to being an accountant was the money.  To be honest I do like money.  When I did the research of the most profitable careers that required just a college education, accounting was among the top.  Actually the starting salaries are not great.  Engineers, database managers, software programmers, and consultants usually start off better than accountants.  But I like to look at the best return for my time and stress; also job availability.  With all these things in mind [...]

About Accounting Professors

I have often wondered about the life of an accounting professor.  My professors in school seemed to enjoy their job and their lifestyle. I always envied them but assumed they didn’t receive much pay as their big 4 partner counterparts.  After some research I found that I was right but at the same time I was wrong. Accounting professors make good money I was shocked to find out that accounting professors can start out making over 100k.  And that is just for 9 months.  Many professors will work during the [...]