About Me

Growing up deciding what I wanted to do was always a challenge. From grade school my dreams went from astronaut to musician to doctor. After graduating high school and taking some time off I did some research to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I had already taken some advanced classes in math and decided to be a math major. After my first year at university I quickly realized that math would not be my future. So I switched over to business and picked accounting.

I finished up at university in 2007 and got started job hunting for a good accounting job. As I searched the job listings for reputable companies I decided that it will be necessary to become a Chartered Accountant. I began my quest to find the best material for studying as well as the best practice exams and this site was my way of organizing study material.

My initial intention for this blog was to just post some material and use it to study.  I had several co-workers who were working to pass the exam as well and they will post material as well.

These posts were to help me get started and provide some insights to my co-workers.  We never thought others would benefit from the material.  After I realized that more and more people were coming and visiting the site, I decided to make it a bit more organized and easy to understand.  I would edit several posts that were less important and only keep up with topics that I thought would provide some good information.

And so the Chartered Exam Initiative of 2008 was started.

That was several years ago.

The site has changed a bit since then.  Now I post my thoughts and useful information based on what I feel is interesting and what questions you have.  This has become a full time endeavor for me and I love it.  Who knew that writing could be so fun?  We like to cover a variety of topics that are interesting to all accountants.  Now we focus more on US CPA topics.

Please take some time and check out my site.  If there are any interesting topics that you would like to see new posts about just drop me a message.  Also I generally assume that most of you are familiar with accounting terms.  But if you don’t understand any of the things I am discussing, just let me know and I get go into more detail and define the terms for you.

Thanks for checking out my site and I hope you enjoy it!