Because I am an Accountant does that mean I am a Tax expert?

Accountants are always good at taxes… false! Most accountants do not deal with taxes.  Accounting is a broad field and includes many different types of jobs.  Mostly auditing and business decision support.  This may come as a shock to many people.  I am often asked questions about personal income taxes.  It’s true in my case I actually do some studying about personal income taxes for my sake but I do not claim to know how to help anyone else.  But as an accountant I have learned some common personal tax [...]

Accountant or Auditor

The stereotypical accountant is oftentimes pictured as an IRS tax auditor.  The bad guy that comes around and makes you dig out tons of old pages of financial information and then makes you pay more taxes.  This was what I was afraid of when I first decided to become an accountant.  I thought for sure that everyone would hate me.  A few classes later I was a bit wiser.  I found out that actually very few accountants become IRS tax auditors. There are however, lots of business auditors that may [...]