Increasing productivity with the small things

This will hopefully become a series of posts.  I am currently doing some consulting work for several small businesses near my home and there seems to be an interest in office productivity.  Productivity is an accountant’s best friend.  We love to count and measure, and the result is usually a clearer pathway to increase productivity. Increasing productivity is something that everyone should be focused on or at least aware of.  Generally we think of productivity in the manufacturing world as an hourly or direct labor statistic.  This is very important.  [...]

About Accounting Professors

I have often wondered about the life of an accounting professor.  My professors in school seemed to enjoy their job and their lifestyle. I always envied them but assumed they didn’t receive much pay as their big 4 partner counterparts.  After some research I found that I was right but at the same time I was wrong. Accounting professors make good money I was shocked to find out that accounting professors can start out making over 100k.  And that is just for 9 months.  Many professors will work during the [...]

Forensic Accounting Jobs

Many people now days are curious about forensic accounting.  This seems to be a new trend that sounds interesting.  A forensic accountant is essentially a financial detective. They usually must have an in-depth knowledge of accounting process in order to detect fraud.  Usually this comes with many years of experience.  But sometimes it is possible for a recent grad to find themselves in this field. Forensic accounting is very similar to auditing.  An auditor’s job is usually to check others’ work to make sure that it is in compliance with [...]