Making Expenses Tax Deductible

Accounting may not be as glamorous now compared to pre-computer years, but it still has its moments. For self-employed accountants, they know that most anything could be put in the books, as long as the government regulations will allow.

For instance, cigars. Even the most expensive cigars can be tax-deductible. It’s only a matter of spending a little more and putting a ring with your name on it. In that way, it now becomes and advertising expense. This logic can be carried on with other such materials, including office supplies, school supplies, and so on. For large expensive items, these could be put in the books as expense accounts. For instance, a computer does not have to be an office equipment which would be depreciated over three or five years. Put it up as part of a project cost, as a one-time expense account. Because it is a project cost, you would have to have separate books for the project. In addition, the project would have it’s own revenue. The computer is already deducted as a one-time cost, and no need to depreciate over it’s lifespan.

This is not a matter of fixing the books. This is a matter of following accepted accounting practice. The only other rule is to treat the same items the same way, even for different years. If you are to change your accounting practice, just make sure that you don’t do that every year.
One other way to save, and turn it around as a benefit, is the use of tax saver private health insurance. This is just signing up for health insurance and adding it into the books as a company expense. This can be a perk or benefit, but what it does is it increases your expenses and lowers your taxable revenue.

There is no need to be creative about accounting. The rules are there to be followed. It would be a matter of interpretation, and how you interpret the rules. Bottom line is that your employees would benefit, and your company would have a better bottom line.