From CPA To X-Ray Technician: My Journey

Not too many people end up being an x-ray technician because they wanted to be a CPA. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I’m likely the only one. I’m not looking to start an exodus, however. I’m simply looking to tell my story so that those who aren’t dead set on the path of their career and future will open up their minds to other options. If that means becoming an x-ray technician then so be it. If it means leaving behind the job you are in to do something else, then good.

So how did a person who always wanted to be a CPA end up becoming an x-ray technician? It’s pretty simple really – I got tired of taking the test. I must have tried and failed at taking the CPA exam half a dozen times. It wasn’t because I wasn’t smart enough or didn’t study hard enough. I simply got jittery and nervous, so much so that I started to forget and make mistakes. End result – failed again. Although I had always wanted to be a CPA I realized I couldn’t just keep taking the exam again and again. I needed a change. Enter my clumsy brother.

One night after a family dinner my brother stepped off the curb wrong and ended up breaking his forearm. When we were in the ER, pretty much the only person who wasn’t running around ragged was the x-ray tech helping us out. I got to talking to him and he told me how great his job was. Good salary, nice benefits, 40 hours a week; very little stress. One thing led to another and I was interested. He told me about one good website with all the information I’d need to make a decision. When I got home, I checked it out.

What did I find out? Being an x-ray technician was a pretty attractive offer. I would only need to complete a 2 year associate’s degree to get my foot in the door. Certification was required but as long as I went to a good accredited school I would likely pass that test. Not like the CPA exam. Money wasn’t fantastic to start with but after a few years working in a larger facility in a good sized city I’d be making good money. Salary range was from $40,000 - $80,000 a year. It all sounded good.

By the end of the week, and after tracking down and talking to a few more x-ray techs, I was set. I knew what I wanted to do. Although all my life had been about numbers and balance sheets, I realized that if I became an x-ray technician I would actually be helping people every day in real time. I found a good school in my area, enrolled and in two short years I was all done. It took me about 4 months to get a job (mostly because I was lazy and picky) but now I’ve been working in a medium sized facility. It’s nice and quiet for the most part. The work is great, the pay is great and I actually enjoy helping people. If you’re interested you might want to check out the site I first saw. I am glad I found it and glad I made the choice to become an x-ray technician.


Author Bio:

Harvey Warren has been an x-ray technician for several years now. Although people sometimes give him a hard time about giving up his dream of being a CPA, he simply tells them two things: dreams change and he has never been happier