About Clothing for Tall People

I thought I might switch it up a little bit here and talk about some fun personal topics.

I’m a tall guy and I find it difficult to find tall mens clothing.  But recently I have been searching on the internet and found some pretty good places to shop.  Believe it or not most normal clothing stores such as old navy or banana republic have their own tall mens section.  The big and tall stores are also mostly online now days.

I have never really liked to go shopping at the traditional stores in person.  Its always been a struggle to find something that fits me.  My friends enjoy going to second hand stores and spending hours searching for the gem among the old used clothes.  I have gone several times, but cannot seem to ever find anything I like, so that gets me frustrated.  Tall men really need to have a community and share second hand clothes.

You may be asking why an accountant would be worried about discount clothing.  Well, I really don’t like to spend money on clothes.  I feel like clothes are something that I must wear and I do want to look good, but I really don’t want to spend too much time or money on them.  I would really prefer to wear the same thing every day.  (actually I pretty much do) But for the sake of some of my clients sanity, I will switch it up every now and then.

Accountants are actually pretty cheap.  One of the first times I went to a restaurant with my accounting team I remember they all ordered the cheapest meal and water to drink.  I remember thinking, ” I know all these guys earn more than me and I am making good money, so why are they so cheap?”  Well over time I came to find out that they do spend a lot of money, but they don’t spend a lot of money on things that don’t matter too much to them.  Usually they wear discount clothing and drive modest cars, but they will take some extravagant vacations.

I seem to be rambling on about random things to I’ll get back to the subject of shopping.  One of the things I dislike the most about shopping is the time it takes to find something good.  I am most satisfied when I just walk into a store, grab the first thing that I see, try it on, buy it, and walk out.  Fifteen minutes tops and I’m out the door.  That would be my ideal shopping once or twice a month as needed.  I love my valuable time.  I actually can calculate my time based on my consulting pay hours, and its not cheap.  So if I shop for a good deal and it takes me two hours, I could have landed a consulting gig for two hours and earned lets say 300 dollars.  Pretty sure there is no way I could have saved 300 dollars by shopping for two hours.

I guess its just one of my pet-peeves to believe that spending time for a discount is worth it.  Remember to value your time.  And shop for clothes online.  You can multi-task much easier online and save time while you are shopping.  My recommendation is to go to the store first and learn your size, then shop online from then on.

Good luck and have fun.