June 5th 2008
Download maps, plans(shots) and route

May 30th 2008
The wind of youth blows

May 28th 2008
Activities for Young Adults aged 18 to 35 are Renewed

May 16th 2008
A Eucharistic procession through the streets of Quebec City

April 18th 2008
Cardinal Jozef Tomko will represent the Holy Father

March 23rd 2008
Launch of the final pilgrimage of the Ark of the New Covenant

March 20th 2008
1000 km on foot to Quebec City for the International Eucharistic Congress

March 20th 2008
Ark of the New Covenant seeks drivers for March 19−April 30, 2008

March 6th 2008
International Theology Symposium on the Eucharist

February 14th 2008
Le JMJiste special edition

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