The year 2008 marks the 400th Anniversary of the founding of Quebec City, the first permanent French settlement in North America. Some French pioneers with deep faith, wanting to evangelize the Aboriginal peoples and provide spiritual support for the colonists, were joined by the Récollet missionary priests in 1615 and by the Jesuits in 1625. Together with the Ursulines and the Augustinian nuns who arrived in 1639, they laid the foundations of the Catholic Church in New France. In 1658, Monsignor François de Laval was appointed the first Bishop of New France.

The 2008 Congress

Procession in Old Quebec for the 2007 Feast of Corpus Christi

The 2008 International Eucharistic Congress will be the assembly of the Church of Quebec hosting the Universal Church to celebrate the Living Christ. Its theme will be “The Eucharist, Gift of God for the Life of the World.

This experience of faith will be held in a festive atmosphere, with believers of all ages coming together from every part of the world. The Congress pilgrims will gather for a week of celebrations from June 15 to 22, 2008, at the “Eucharistic City” (ExpoCité) where most of the Congress events will take place.

The Program includes a variety of celebrations, catecheses, and religious and artistic activities, for both Congress pilgrims and the general public.

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