The logo is composed of a cross dividing a circle into four quarters.  The circle represents the host, body of Christ and bread broken and shared in Eucharist.

The circle also depicts the earth and its four compass points. As such, the logo evokes the world invited to the universal gathering of the 2008 International Eucharistic Congress.

In the logo, we can see the shape of a boat, symbol of the Universal Church (Peter's boat) and a component of Quebec City's coat of arms. Sailing up the majestic St. Lawrence River, the first missionaries and Monsignor de Laval set foot on this soil to introduce faith in Jesus Christ.

The color “gold” represents the Eucharistic bread, and “red”, the Eucharistic wine. The two colors combine to express the Gift of God. These colors were also on the coat of arms of François de Laval, first Bishop of North America.


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