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June 15

10:00-14:00 See the Ark of the New Covenant up close

Exclusively in the Youth Space for a few hours, come see this
symbolic object that has crossed the entire country

14:30-18:00 Opening ceremonies

In the Colisee, Gen Verde opens the show with a colourful
presentation, followed by mass.

June 16 to 21


8:30-noon Plenary sessions

Prayer, catechesis, witness, mass in the Colisee with thousands of

Thursday, 11:00 « The Table of Reconciliation »

Liturgy of preparation to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

12:30 Lunch

Provided to pilgrims onsite


Noon-23:00 Music, Café, Internet

The Youth Space is open to all. A warm welcome, music and short
films on a giant screen contribute to the liveliness of the pavilion.

14:30 and 16:00 Workshops and adoration

Panels and workshops in linguistic groups to deepen our
understanding of the theme. The adoration sites are also open to

14:30-16:00 Youth Talkshow

Filmed live, our hosts welcome each day a selection of guests to
share their experience and witness.

13:00 and 16:00 The Parlour

An intimate setting to meet various guests: cardinals, lay persons,
brothers and sisters. A glimpse of the diversity of our Church.


The Eucharistic Festival (Saturday June 14 – Sunday June 22)

Onsite and throughout the city: conferences, shows, music, theatre, prayer,

Monday, 18:00: Youth Gathering

THE encounter of the week for young pilgrims. Musical jam, dances, disco… and a
chance to meet others!

Tuesday, 18:00: An evening of theatre

Two consecutive plays in the Youth Space. Another way of experiencing the Eucharist.

Wednesday, 18:00: Share a meal in a host parish.

The parishes of Quebec welcome the world for prayer and a meal.

Thursday, 16:00 and 19:30: Celebration of the Eucharist and Procession of the Blessed Sacrament

With pilgrims and Catholics of the region of Quebec, let us bring Christ to the streets
of the city.

June 20 and 21

Friday and Saturday, 9:00-noon: Alternate Plenary Session

Registered pilgrims attend the plenary sessions in the Colisee. For those who do not
have this opportunity, come experience the Eucharistic Congress. In the Youth Space:
prayer, catechesis and witness.

Friday, 18:00-midnight: Music Festival

A glimpse into the world of Catholic music. Come celebrate your faith through music
in this all-out and dynamic evening!

Friday, 19:30: Priestly ordination

To be confirmed. By invitation only.

Friday and Saturday: Weekend Teen Program

Activities and interactive teachings, Sharing and reflection, Music, Evening of celebration.

Saturday: Family Program

Interactive teachings, Sharing and reflection within families, Eucharistic celebration, Music and games.

Vigil of Prayer and Adoration

Saturday, 18:00

Great gathering of 4,000 young adults in the Pavillon de la jeunesse in the presence of many Cardinals and Bishops. Come all to this Universal Church gathering. Passes will be available in the Youth Space during the Congress.

18:00: Music, song, video and more.

We will welcome the Ark of the New Covenant which will have just completed its final pilgrimage.

19:30: Vespers in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, presided by a Cardinal

(with simultaneous translation).

21:00: Night of adoration, open to the public

Led by various groups in the three official languages of the Congress (French, English and Spanish).

June 22

Sunday, 8:30 – Plains of Abraham

Office of the Resurrection, Music, Time of silent prayer, Mass of the STATIO ORBIS: the Universal Church gathers to celebrate the Eucharist, Music.

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