Quebec City’s 2008 International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) organization wishes to create a group of youth volunteers age 18 to 35 who are available to give a helping hand with Congress activities and ensure that they run smoothly. The Youth Service (YS) will be made up of between 200 and 300 young adults willing to commit to preparing for the event.

The Youth Service will be conducted in three stages: 1. Preparation (May 23 to June 14); 2. IEC service (June 15 to 22); 3. Take down and closing (June 22 to 24).


Preparation rests on five essential pillars

Communal and personal prayer

YS members will prepare for and support the Congress by nourishing their own spiritual lives with the Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, adoration, silence, solitude, the exploration of local spiritual heritage and history, and other actions. Prayer will set the tempo of each day.

Preparation of services

YS members will have the opportunity to practice, prepare, and deepen their understanding of the various services, always relating them to the Congress programming, including liturgy, altar service, processions, dance, songs, various presentations, and the act of welcoming young people, families, and other pilgrims.

Theological formation

YS members will receive a thorough grounding centered on the main themes of the Congress, including the Eucharist, adoration, Jesus the Christ, the Church, and the spiritual life, so they can deepen their understanding of the event.

Experience of community

The goal of the Youth Service is to assemble a true “all-star team.” The 200 to 300 youth participants will be organized into groups of seven. Most of the youth volunteers will likely be Canadian (both English- and French-speaking).

Event promotion

YS members will be called on to partake in special activities to meet with Quebecers in schools, shopping centers, public places, and so on, inviting them to take part in the Congress and the many activities open to the public.

The Congress

Throughout this period, YS members will be required to commit to working full time in preparing and assisting with the 2008 IEC program.

Takedown and closing

YS members will help with the clean up and take down. A time for spiritual and group evaluations is planned to wrap up this commitment, including a closing mass of thanksgiving, and a celebration of Quebec’s national holiday.

Pre-registration form

If you wish to be part of the Youth Service please complete the registration form and send us the necessary documents by March 15, 2022.

Important note

The YS team reserves the right to accept or reject any candidate without the obligation to justify its decision. Candidates who have been accepted and have agreed to be part of the YS team are not required to register for the 2008 IEC.

Additional information

Please contact Chantal Berube:

418 688-1211, extension 358
[email protected]

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