Do volunteers have to work a specific number of hours?

Volunteers can work one or several days at the 2008 IEC. However, a minimum of 4 hours per day is required to ensure this important event functions properly and smoothly.  

If I sign up as a volunteer, will I be able to participate in Congress activities?  

No. Certain activities are for registered pilgrims only, including the morning Eucharistic celebrations at Colisée Pepsi. Volunteers are not automatically registered as 2008 IEC pilgrims. The $230 CAD registration fee ($30 off for registrations received before February 15) is required to gain admission to all Congress activities. Nevertheless, volunteers who donate 16 hours or more of their time will receive a Congress ticket good for one plenary session only.

In addition, a big screen will be set up in the volunteer area so volunteers who are not working at that time can view a live transmission of the Eucharistic celebrations from the Colisée.

For the closing ceremonies, any volunteers not scheduled to work at that time will be able to attend the ceremonies in the section set aside for registered pilgrims. If, however, the Pope is present, all volunteers will be needed to create a human chain covering his route.

In any case, all IEC volunteers will enjoy the following:

Can I volunteer and be a registered pilgrim at the same time?

Yes. However, you should determine your availability for volunteer work according to the activities you wish to attend. Please note that people who register as volunteers are not automatically registered for the 2008 IEC. Volunteers who wish to attend the Congress activities must register as pilgrims.

Is there a required fee to register as a volunteer?

No, volunteer registration is free of charge.

When do volunteers’ work days begin and end?  

Volunteers’ schedules will vary depending upon their work areas and duties. Certain tasks require volunteers to start very early in the morning or finish very late at night. When you fill out the volunteer registration form, indicate the times you are available during the day: morning, afternoon, and evening. After, we will contact you with the proposed work schedule and duties.

Will the Congress provide meals for volunteers?

Yes. The Congress will provide meals and snacks for volunteers depending on their schedule.

After I fill out the volunteer registration form, what next?

Once your form has been registered in our system, we will contact you to confirm your registration. Then the Volunteer Coordination Department will determine each volunteer’s job and work schedule. During the month of March 2008, each volunteer will receive his/her duties and work schedule. Volunteers must attend two training sessions to prepare them to perform their duties as a 2008 IEC volunteer. A few days before June 15, 2008, you will receive your official accreditation card and equipment required for your job.

Will the IEC provide transportation for volunteers?

During the Congress, the RTC (Réseau de Transport de la Capitale) will provide free bus transportation for volunteers, upon presentation of their IEC access card. Certain other chartered services will be available at various locations throughout the city.

If I come from outside the Quebec City area, will the IEC provide lodging for the duration of the 2008 Congress?
Yes, the Volunteer Coordination Department is currently working on lodging for people who reside outside the Quebec City area and indicate on their application forms that they need lodging for the 2008 Congress. More information will be available shortly.

Whom should I contact for more information or to change the information in my file?

The Volunteer Coordination Team is available to help you any time.

Volunteer Coordination Department
2008 International Eucharistic Congress
Résidence Garnier
965 avenue Louis-Fréchette
Quebec City, Quebec G1S 4V1  

418-688-1211, ext. 363
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