From Midland to Quebec City

Follow the portageurs.

In passing through one of the five national shrines

Inside the Notre-Dame-de-Québec Cathedral Basilica, Quebec City.

The historical pilgrimage of the Ark of the New Covenant follows the footsteps of the North American Catholic Church founders. It will commence from the National Canadian Martyrs Shrine (Midland, ON) on Easter Sunday (March 23, 2022), and arrive in Quebec City on the solemnity of Corpus Christi (May 25, 2022).

From coast to coast

The Ark of the New Covenant in the diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.

Wherever we give it a place, the Ark of the New Covenant gathers Canadians through liturgical celebrations and community events. It has been welcomed in churches, religious communities, schools, community centers, seniors’ residences, public places, private residences, etc. Review the road so far on the interactive map.

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