O God source of life, we thank you for your gift: this bread and wine for the life of the world. United in praise, we come to the feast to take in our hands, God's gift for life. For this we praise you, Lord.
Words: Robert Lebel
Melody and harmonies: Mario Jacques and Jean Morissette

These words make up the refrain of the theme song for the 49th International Eucharistic Congress to be held in Quebec City in June 2008. They plunge us into the heart of the mystery of the Eucharist—a gift of God for the life of the world—and introduce us to the theme of the upcoming Congress.

In preparation for the Congress, we are invited to read, sing, pray, meditate, and share the Eucharistic hymn. A number of Christian communities have already learned the hymn and are using it during their various assemblies.

The winner of an international music contest, our theme song “God's Gift” is the work of three artists and the fruit of many varied collaborations. May this song nourish our reflection, our prayer, and our faith!

The theme song is available on CD which includes the following:

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