O God source of life,
we thank you for your gift:
this bread and wine
for the life of the world.
United in praise,
we come to the feast
to take in our hands,
God's gift for life.
For this we praise you, Lord.

  1. O what a splendid gift to cherish:
    Our hearts are filled with joy.
    May our voices be lifted always
    To glorify the Lord.

    From every corner of the earth
    May people gather as one.
    United with them in thanksgiving,
    We celebrate the Lord.

  2. Behold the gifts which earth has given
    And human hands have made.
    No greater sign is there among us:
    Life-giving bread and wine.

    Behold the bread that now is broken;
    See the body of Christ.
    See in the cup of our salvation
    The blood of Christ out-poured.

  3. Before returning to the Father
    Christ proved his boundless love.
    The Master was a humble teacher,
    Who served on bended knee.

    Washing the feet of his disciples
    Christ gave the great command:
    What I have done you must do also
    Now serve with love and care.

  4. Engraved upon our hearts and minds
    This wondrous memory!
    We come rejoicing to this table,
    The banquet of the Lord!

    Now let us celebrate the myst'ry,
    Christ's presence made anew;
    Do not our hearts burn when we hear him
    And when we break the bread?

  5. The Father so loved the world
    That he gave his only Son.
    So that our lives  might be filled with the Spirit's living breath.

    It is the Spirit who transforms us who share this bread and cup
    Into the Body of Christ
    A sacrifice of praise.

  6. In this new covenant of grace
    Christ shares his life with us.
    He is for ever priest and altar
    And lamb of sacrifice.

    No other sacrifice has brought us
    Vict'ry over death.
    Once and for all his body given:
    The world is now made new.

  7. Without knowing or understanding
    We contemplate the Lord.
    Only the eyes of faith and love
    Reveal his presence here.

    With hearts aflame we now receive
    The saving bread of life.
    This is the One who is our hope
    And our comfort all our days.
© 2008 International Eucharistic Congress