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June 17th 2008

The Eucharist, memorial of the paschal mystery

“Do this in memory of me. When the Church celebrates the Eucharistic banquet, it does not do so “as if” it were the first time. It welcomes the definitive, eschatological “single event of love” that is continuously taking place for us. This banquet of love draws its inexhaustible substance from the loving sacrifice of the Son of God made human being, who was raised to glory and intercedes for us always,” explained the president of the 49th International Eucharistic Congress (2008 IEC), Marc Cardinal Ouellet. This too was the teaching of Philippe Cardinal Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyons and primate of the Gauls (France) in his catechesis, and was shown concretely in the witnessing of Fr. Nicolas Buttet, founder of the Eucharistein Fraternity.

Catechist: Philippe Cardinal Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyons and Primate of the Gauls (France)

His vitality, plain speaking, and openness have made him a powerful figure in Lyons’s public arena, at home with young people or politicians. “Turn off the TV and turn on the Gospel” is the challenge he threw down in 2002 on arriving in Lyons.

Witness: Fr. Nicolas Buttet, Founder of the Eucharistein Fraternity

The community he founded was inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi in its devotion to evangelical simplicity and total reliance on God. The community’s life is centered on Christ in the Eucharist, celebrated in the sacrifice of the mass and worshiped in the Blessed Sacrament.

TODAY AT THE 2008 IEC: Workshop start and “Come Hear Ye” at Youth Space

At these workshops some 600 people designated by their home delegations will study the pastoral issues arising from the teaching and witness heard at the morning Colisée Pepsi session. Their work will serve as a base for the published proceedings of the Congress, a document containing practical pastoral care recommendations for the Universal Church.
At 2:30 p.m. Monday to Friday at Youth Space, all are welcome on the set of “Come Here Ye.” Each day, a group of three will debate contemporary issues relating to the Eucharist.

Experiencing Missions: don’t miss it!

A missionary involvement activity enabling Congress pilgrims to live out the link between the Eucharist and social engagement, either by volunteering with organizations working in service of those in need or by taking part in evangelization in the city. All the information on this activity is available at the Information Center, Room B, Place de la vie du monde (Exhibition Center).

Wednesday, June 18, morning session at Colisée Pepsi

Catechesis by Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, S.J., Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina, followed by the Divine Liturgy (Eucharist) according to the Byzantine rite, celebrated by Lawrence Huculak, O.S.B.M., Archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Winnipeg and metropolitan for Ukrainian Catholics in Canada.

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