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November 22nd 2007

The Eucharistic Festival looks for activities

As part of the Congress, the Eucharistic Festival offers a vast range of side activities to the official program that are open to both pilgrims and the general public.

Through the vitality of parishes, Institutes of Consecrated Life, and the many movements and associations in Quebec and elsewhere that nourish a life of faith, the Eucharistic Festival will extend the borders of the Eucharistic City to all corners of the Greater Quebec City area, thus inviting the general public to experience the universal ecclesial communion of the pilgrims.

Most of the Eucharistic Festival’s activities will help us explore the theme and objectives of the Congress. Others may take a more general approach, testifying to the vitality of pastoral activities and spiritual lives of Christians.

Festival activities may take a variety of forms: concerts, theater, musical shows, public talks, spiritual direction, Eucharistic adoration, prayer, ecumenical activities, sharing of experiences, witnessing, workshops, pastoral and spiritual activities, roundtables, films, public readings, exhibits, etc. A proposed activity may be specifically designed for the occasion or may be part of an organization’s regular program. Some activities may require an entry fee from those who wish to take part. However, most activities will be available free of charge.

If you wish to present an activity for the Eucharistic Festival, fill this form.

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