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Roof Repair? Hire Duffy Roofing & Restoration

Owning a home is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Naturally, you
want your home to be a comfort zone, a place to relax and wind up after
a long day of work. So imagine waking up on Sunday morning to a
severely damaged roof caused by a violent hailstorm! Who would you call
to come fix this mess?

Enter Duffy Roofing and Replacement Company. This top rated roofing
contractor offers roof replacement services 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. They are available anytime - day or night. With over 96 years
experience in roof replacement service, Duffy Roofing and Replacement
Company is a family owned and operated roofing contractor. It is simply
the ideal choice for homeowners looking to replace or restore their
roof. The company was founded by William A. Duffy in Pennsylvania in
1921 and has since expanded its services all over the East Coast.

In most cases, your insurance policy will cover your roof replacement
or restoration costs. But the process of filling out the insurance
claims forms can be tedious. Worry not! Duffy Roofing and Replacement
Company offers a team of Insurance adjusters and attorneys on staff to
help make this process fast and easy.

Why choose Roof Repair?

The company boasts of a team of award-winning Alpharetta roofing team
that ensures the work is done professionally, safely and on time. This
licensed team of experts will take the time to walk you through the
entire scope of work to be done and patiently answer all your questions.
The best part is they will even handle the clean-up afterward.

Customers who have chosen to hire Duffy for their roof replacement
needs have only positive things to say about the company. A homeowner in
Alpharetta, GA posted, “They did what was promised, and I would
recommend them to any best friend or family member.” Keith Barnes also
posted, “The work was done on time and within budget.” Lamar D. in
Cumming, GA mentioned, “They did an excellent job and had the best
prices.” Jesann Hendrix was glad to say, “Beautiful job. I love the
roof. Everything looked clean and tidy after work was completed!”

Because your home roof is very important, Duffy Roofing and
Replacement Company will only use high-quality materials. This also
ensures lifelong beauty and the greatest protection for your home.
Customer satisfaction is truly the company’s core business trait. They
will make sure you are 100% satisfied with the before accepting payment.

So relax, take a cup of coffee and get in touch with Duffy’s
emergency team. A roofing specialist will immediately be sent to inspect
the damage to your roof and give you an estimate. When the worse
happens, our expert roofers are always ready to help restore your roof
in no time. For the client wishing to simply replace their roof, you can
contact Duffy’s sales team through their website to
give you a free personalized quote.

With decades of experience in roof replacement and repair, you can
rest assured that Duffy Roofing and Replacement Company offers a team of
roofing experts equipped with both knowledge and tools to get the job

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