49e Congrès Eucharistique international / Québec 2008
49th International Eucharistic Congress / Quebec City 2008



“1000 Days of Prayer”

The project “1000 days of prayer” consists in guaranteeing a continuous chain of prayer during the 1000 days preceding the International Eucharistic Congress of 2008.

By being part of this project, you are simply committing yourselves to recite a short prayer at least once a day, on each of the dates you yourselves will have chosen.

Registering is the easiest thing for you to do. You simply fill in the few details of information here below and we will be pleased to enter your name on our calendar.



Musical composition contest

The Secretariat General of the IEC is organizing a musical composition contest, which will decide the theme song for the celebrations and activities of the Congress. More details and registration form.



Various religious activities in 2008

The International Eucharistic Congress will be the highlight of the religious celebrations of 2008. However there are possibilities for the organization of many events...





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International Eucharistic Congress Quebec city 2008

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