49e Congrès Eucharistique international / Québec 2008





On September 19th 2005, we were one thousand days from the
inauguration of the 49th International Eucharistic Congress. We would like to recommend a prayer that will allow our communities to place the Eucharist at the centre of their lives.

Prayer for « 1000 days »


God our Father,
look with favour on your Church
as we prepare with hope and with joy
to celebrate the International Eucharistic Congress in 2008.


Help us to better welcome
the gift of your Son Jesus
in this memorial of his death and resurrection,
which nourishes our lives as your children
and as brothers and sisters.


Send forth your Holy Spirit
that we may better appreciate this gift,
and become messengers of the life brought by Jesus
to our world searching for meaning.


In following the example of Mary, woman of the Eucharist,
may we always give thanks to you,
and make a continual offering of ourselves
to respond to your love and fulfill your will.


We ask this through Christ, your Son, our Lord.


Since September 19, many groups and individuals have committed to pray regularly for the Congress. You are welcome to join this chain of prayer.



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International Eucharistic Congress Quebec city 2008

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