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239 days before the congress


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The Congress




Three-part Animation

The creation of this original work is intended to promote a varied animation relating to the three main objectives of the Eucharistic Congress: catechesis; liturgy; and commitment to the transformation of the world. Regardless of the length of time the Ark is in a given place, we suggest that these three objectives be integrated to all types of animation, short or long.


  • Catechesis: A chest rich with Eucharistic symbols, through the use of icons referring to Gospel passages, rests on a base evoking the hull of a boat. The iconographical representations will serve as a basis for catechesis on the Eucharist.


  • Liturgy: The top of the chest is designed to hold either the Bible, or a monstrance containing the Real Presence, adapting itself to the various liturgical prayer modalities.


  • Commitment: The Ark is designed to hold commitment forms from the faithful who will be invited to adopt a “Eucharistic Charter.”



Tools to Support Animation

Some tools have been developed to help guide local communities in their hosting of the Ark of the New Covenant. Far from being a complete or definitive manual, the Guide and its appendices simply provide some tools and ideas to deepen our understanding of the symbolism of the Ark of the New Covenant.


  • The Guide presents the project of the Ark, describes its symbolism and explains the types of animations proposed, including the Eucharistic Charter.
         > Download the PDF version




  • The Appendices to the Guide propose suggestions for rites, a catechetical curriculum, thematic files, suggestions of songs and prayers…
         > Download PDF version, Word version




Fostering Local Creativity
We are certain that during the pilgrimage of the Ark, innovation will prevail. We invite you to use your creativity to develop activities adapted to your realities. All suggestions for animation will be welcomed. Share your ideas, suggestions and activities. We will publish them online to share them with others.

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