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Action in the Name of the Eucharist
Bear witness. Evangelize. Pray. These are some of the actions in the name of the Eucharist that we committed to in the final plenary of the 2006 Youth Summit.


What are YOU doing in your area in the name of the Eucharist? Share your ideas, initiatives and actions. We will publish them online.

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2006 Youth Summit - Action

Youth Summit 2006

Final Tally of Commitments Made in the Name of the Eucharist


  • Give testimonies in our parishes about the experiences of the weekend
  • Integrate ourselves into our own parishes
  • Speak about the event with other young people
  • Establish pastoral ministry for those who are deaf
  • Offer testimony to both practicing and non-practicing individuals
  • Remain connected
  • Continue to be involved in parish life and find new ways of getting involved
  • Pay attention to the persons around us and to the environment
  • Form partnerships
  • Hold Eucharistic processions
  • Promote the formation of young people
  • Engage in evangelisation
  • Be catechists
  • Have no fear
  • Organize a summit for adolescents
  • Participate in community service projects
  • Integrate music with adoration
  • Make novenas
  • Foster group discussions for adolescents
  • Promote the event in the general population
  • Keep the Word of God in mind
  • Transmit Catholic values without fearing to say who we are
  • Take time for adoration
  • Spread the word about the International Eucharistic Congress to Western Canada
  • Hold a provincial Youth Summit
  • Pray and concentrate on Christ
  • Animate the Mass using music and visual aids
  • Make the option for holiness a priority
  • Pray with icons
  • Offer a conference on the different covenants of God
  • Take people to the Congress who have never gone before
  • Put together a workshop for Eucharistic ministers

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