The Ark Carried by the Youth

Having initiated the project by their request for a symbolic object during the 2005 Youth Summit, the young people of Canada received the Ark during the 2006 Youth Summit. They have received the mission to accompany the Ark and to gather all generations around Jesus Christ.



The Ark Blessed by the Holy Father

Before beginning its pilgrimage across Canada, the Ark was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI in the presence of all the Bishops of Quebec during their ad limina visit to Rome. A delegation from Quebec was sent to participate in this unique and privileged moment.

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     > Célébration d'envoi (04 mai 2006)

     > Départ et arrivée à Rome (07 et 08 mai 2006)

     > Visite du Cardinal Tomko et de San Lorenzo (09 mai 2006)

     > Dévoilement de l'Arche de la Nouvelle Alliance (10 mai 2006)

     > Bénédiction de l'Arche de la Nouvelle Alliance (11 mai 2006)

     > Retour sur la bénédiction de l'Arche (12 mai 2006 )

     > Escapade en campagne franciscaine (13 mai 2006)


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The Ark Among Us

In all places where it is welcomed in the midst of our world, the Ark will serve to gather people together in liturgical celebrations and community events. It may travel to churches, religious communities, schools, community centres, seniors’ residences, public places or private homes. Each group, community, parish or movement is invited to use creativity in preparing animation and/or desired liturgies.



The Itinerary of the Ark

A detailed itinerary for the Ark is being elaborated in collaboration with the dioceses, movements and religious congregations of the country. The Ark will spend approximately one week in each diocese. Follow its pilgrimage across Canada.

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